About Us

About Us 1

Career Ready Now is not your typical organization. We are not even affiliated to any government or non-government organizations so you can somewhat say that we are stand alone. What we are is a group that aims individuals when it comes to their career track. With the help of many professionals in many aspects of the society, we guide them all throughout so that they can be more confident in walking through the right path towards success. We upload here all information so that they can also enrich themselves with the knowledge that can help them out in furthering their career goals. Such information includes the available training for them and also additional studies they can take.

We know that not all individuals have a concrete career in mind. There are those who are having a difficulty deciding what they really want in their life and that is not a problem because we can also help them out. The last thing we want is for them to get lost along the way, so we provide here sound advice too. We hold here various levels of career orientations to help you out. We want you to know that this is not something to be ashamed about because this happens on a regular basis – people getting lost along the way. This is the reason why you have us so that you can somewhat be directed back to the right path.

About Us 2

Career Ready Now was established for almost two decades now and until this day, we have not veered away to the mission of this company and that is to help people to be ‘career ready.’ We can help you too. All you need is to send us an email so that we can help you out. Contact us now for more information.