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We have created this Frequently Asked Questions page to serve as your reference as you navigate further our website. This is where we have collected all the common questions being asked from us on a regular basis. Who knows, the questions here may be the same as those running in your mind. It will save you time and effort in contacting us.

Q. Do I need an account to access your site?

A. An account is not mandatory if you are just going to read the articles you can find here or other content. However, it is required if you are already going to interact with other guests who come here. No worries because registering for an account is FREE. What more is that it is also safe. We are not going to use the information you are going to entrust to us for our personal gain. We are also not going to give it away without your permission.

Q. Do I need to pay for the newsletter?

A. Signing up for our newsletter is for FREE. We do not charge for any services we offer here. Our website is specially made for public access so we make sure that everyone can check our website out whenever they have the need to.

Q. Does the training posted here are hosted by your company?

A. Our purpose is to simply inform people – to give them the means to further their career and to learn more about their career choice. We do not host our own training for different individuals. What we do, however, is help you find one.

Q. Are you affiliated with any other organizations?

A. We are not affiliated with other organizations, whether government or not. We stand alone and we are an independent entity. We do not rely on others for our programs here.